mkrootfs is a script to create venom’s updated base image tarball. mkrootfs script will remove orphan package and keep only base and linux package (and its dependencies) in the image tarball. Like mkiso script, append venom source to use custom venom’s rootfs.

  ./mkrootfs [options] <venom source>

  -p <path>           set packages cache directory
  -s <path>           set sources cache directory
  -o <name.txz>       output name for rootfs
  -h                  show this help msg


Create the image tarball with custom name

# ./mkrootfs -o venom-updated.txz

Create the image tarball using custom packages path (its save you compile time, if you already use Venom Linux as host OS :D)

# ./mkrootfs -p /path/to/packagedir