pkgadd is a tool to install and upgrade package created by pkgbuild. Install package is simply extract <name>-<version>-<release>.spkg.txz by using tar into real system then save list extracted file into package INDEX_DIR. Upgrading package is also using same extract as install, it will replace old files then compare list file from old and new package and remove old file which not exist in new package (like Slackware pkgtool does).

  pkgadd package.spkg.txz <options>

  -u, --upgrade              upgrade package
  -r, --reinstall            reinstall package
  -d, --no-dep               skip dependency check
  -c, --ignore-conflict      ignore conflict when installing package
  -v, --verbose              print files installed
  -h, --help                 show this help message
      --no-preinstall        skip preinstall script before build/install package
      --no-postinstall       skip postinstall script after install package
      --no-preupgrade        skip preupgrade script before upgrade package
      --no-postupgrade       skip postupgrade script after upgrade package
      --no-backup            skip backup when upgrading package
      --no-orphan-check      skip orphaned package check after install package
      --no-color             disable colour for output


pkgadd foobar-1.0-1.spkg.txz -uc –no-backup upgrade package foobar-1.0-1 without backup its old configuration files and skip conflict check