A quick handbook to help Venom Linux user

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scratchpkg is a simple package manager for Venom Linux for managing packages installed. scratchpkg comes with a some main tools, scratch, pkgbuild, pkgadd, pkgdel, revdep and updateconf.


scratch is a tool fronted for pkgbuild, pkgadd and pkgdel. scratch can use to install, remove, upgrade, observe installed packages and etc. Heres quick usage for scratch:

Search for package in repo:

$ scratch search <pattern>

Note: scratch will search packages match on package’s name and description.

Update repo:

# scratch sync

Make full system upgrade:

# scratch sysup

Check for outdated packages:

# scratch outdate

Note: You need to sync repo first to get list outdated packages and make full system upgrade.

Installing package(s):

# scratch install pkg1 pkg2 pkg3 pkgN ...

Upgrading single/multiple package(s):

# scratch upgrade pkg1 pkg2 pkg3 pkgN ...

Note: When upgrading package(s), new dependencies will be installed.

Removing package(s)

# scratch remove pkg1 pkg2 pkg3 pkgN ...

For other function just run:

$ scratch help


pkgbuild is a tool to build a package from package’s recipe (called port). For normal user, scratch will take care of building package(s).


pkgbuild is a tool to installing precompiled package. The usage is:

# pkgadd <pkg>.spkg.tar.xz


pkgdel is a tool to remove installed package from system. The usage is:

# pkgdel <pkg>


revdep is a script to find and fix (rebuild and reinstall pkgs) broken shared library linkage. This script is recommended to run after upgrading and removing packages.


updateconf is a tool to update configuration files in /etc. This script is recommended to run after upgrading package(s).

NOTE: For all tools, run <tool> -h or <tool> --help to get usage help. Except for scratch, run scratch help to get usage help.